Smile Rewards is a program focused on positive reinforcement to encourage regular 6 month checkups and follow up treatments with a fun, active incentive for their patients, in order to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. In Smile Rewards every time a patient visits Smileland Dental, they have the opportunity to get points. After getting a certain amount of points, patients can turn in these points to “buy” amazing toys and cool prizes from their home office.

How to Earn Points

Smile Rewards can be earned by not having cavities and being an awesome patient, they can get one step closer to our rewards. Having good grades can earn points as well; simply by bringing in their latest report card, patients can earn additional points.


Smile Rewards is currently being used at Smileland Dental and Comfort Dental Orthodontics. The way to start is to be a patient at a participating office and you can start earning points.